Kanter’s Option, 2nd Interviews, and Summer Dreams.

by ny-hoops on April 27, 2018

The Knicks European vacation and prolonged and patient interview process have put the media focus on David Blatt and Marc Berman’s verbiage choice and the ensuing twitter frenzy about Blatt having a “second interview”. Blatt also interviewed with Phil when he hired Hornacek.

He clarified:

Nothing to see here.

With a stated focus for Mills/Perry being finding a savvy modern player communicator, Blatt, like David Fizdale, is a guy who has a past communication problem that he has had to account for. The Knicks are doing the right thing. Consult with successful organizations about how they interviewed for long tenure coaches, and then follow that template. Outside of Kenny Smith, everyone they’ve spoken to is a legit quality coach with a different personality and set of experiences. They’ll pick a good one.

If Kanter opts out he a)won’t get a multi year deal from the Knicks, and b)won’t get $18.6M. The Knicks are going to get the cap space for summer 2019 either way. They won’t blow that space this year on money that will eat into next years space. If Kanter wants to stay with the Knicks long term, he’ll take the money this year, and then resign multi year after next season. Either way, the Knicks aren’t going to blow their 2019 cap space on Kanter this summer.

Also, it wouldn’t be prudent to wait until Sept. 1st to just waive/stretch Noah. The right move is to wait until Sept. 1st and then buy him out for $30M. That way, the Knicks eat $18.5 in 2018/2019, and then Noah only counts one year/$11.5M on the cap after that. No stretch, no four or five years.

It’s possible the 76ers are a good landing spot for Courtney Lee this summer. Reddick, Ilyasova, and Belinelli all expire this year and the Sixers have cap room, Jerryd Bayless at 1yr/$8.6M, 2 first rounders including #26, and multiple early 2nd rounders to trade. Something along the lines of CLee for Bayless and #26 would upgrade/replace Belinelli/Bayless/Ilyasova into one roster spot that net only shaves a couple million off their cap space, leaving them plenty to resign/replace/upgrade Reddick.

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